Sr. NoClientJob DescriptionJob Award DateJob Due DateContract ValueStatus
1SABIC/KEMYAReplacement of Lab Floor Tile20-03-201828-08-2018114,000Ongoing
2SABIC/KEMYAConstruct Fire Wall And Ventilation Arrangement In Cylinder Storage Area20-03-201831-07-2018392,724.00Ongoing
3SABIC/13 AFFILIATESInstallation of OCR Camera For 13 Affiliates08-03-201808-08-20183,674,930.00Ongoing
4MEDCO/SABIC/KEMYAInstallation of Nederman Equipments, New Spiral Round Duct (G.I Sheet Thickness 0.9MM) At Installation Site. 1) Installation of Extraction ARM With Accessories. 2) Installation of Filter Unit. 3) Installation of Exhaust Fan. 4) Spiral Ducts BTWN Filter, Exhaust Fan, Extraction Arms. 5) Compressed Air Connection With Filter. 6) Suppy & Installation of 25030 Amp Circuit Breaker. 7) Supply & Installation of Electrical Cables Connected Between The Filter, Extraction Arms. Exhaust Fans, Fan Starter / Inverter & Safety Switch18-02-201830-04-2018150,000.00Ongoing
5SABIC/KEMYAAdditional Parking Lots At Kemya30-10-201730-04-20181,548,095.00Ongoing
6AL RAJHI BANKConstruction of Al Rajhi Bank – Jubail Industrial Branch06-08-201706-10-20189,981,669.71Ongoing
7SABIC/KEMYADesign, Modifying 7 Building Six New Offices And One Conference Room At QA Lab First Floor (QC Lab New Offices NON Process Area)30-03-201730-10-20171,017,000.00Ongoing
8SABIC/HADEEDRevamping of L&D Weighbridge No.1 & 209-02-201730-04-20181,583,200.89Ongoing
9SABIC/HADEEDSupply & Install Elevator At WH(SP-152100013 Providing Elevator (Material Lifter)02-01-201731-12-2017685,000.00Ongoing
10TR/ARAMCOFadhili Civil Works (Package V & VI And Camp Roads)28-07-201628-03-201879,986,531.14Ongoing
11ALTOUKHI/ARAMCOCivil Works Activites For Temprorary Construction Facilities03-01-201521-07-201630,000,000.00Ongoing
12MINISTRY OF WORKS, BAHRAINConstruction of Schools Buildings21-09-201446,165,600.00Ongoing
13MINISTRY OF HOUSING, BAHRAINSouthern Governorate Housing Project. Construction of 1,560 Dwellings01-12-2014755,943,760.00Ongoing
14ROYAL COMMISSIONThe Procurement & Construction of :- Site Works of Two (2) Sites For Sector Centers In Jalmudah Sectors; A1-6 And A2-7. Two (2) Friday Mosque Buildings. Each Building having a capacity of 2,450 prayers in Jalmudah Sectors A1-6 & A2-7. Rest Area On Highway 1 in Jubail & Rehablitation of Parking Area In Jalmudah, Sector A2-2, A2-4 & A2-617-01-201422-09-201764,293,373.54Ongoing
15ROYAL COMMISSIONProcure And Construct Three (3) Government Buildings And The Refurbishment of One (1) Enviornmental Laboratory Building. The Government Buildings Include: 1) High Commission Industrial Security Building 2) Ministry of Interior Office Building 3) Security Facility Technical Protection Building21-04-201317-07-201646,184,652.00Ongoing
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